Friday, September 30, 2011

Lost and found: a note from Tyler

Some things are just too sweet . . .  Tyler wrote this note to me in the Spring of 2007, and it remained on my refrigerator door for . . . years. I've since packed it safely away with other mementos, but my blog is my new "refrigerator door."

~ Tyler, 2007
Life is good, and I am very blessed. I'd rather be me than anyone else! Thank you, Tyler, for continuing to brighten my days--I love you!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Facebook: it's not me, it's you . . .

Dear Facebook,

It's not me, it's you. I've loved you--it's true. You have helped me connect to friends and family who are far, far away . . . You have helped me to share pictures, stories, good times and bad times; you have been there for me. You also have allowed me to learn things that have hurt--a lot. Yet through that I have grown . . .

But this time you have gone too far . . .  You are infringing on my privacy more than I imagined. My trust in you before was fragile, but now I have no trust in you at all.

I realize that you perceive your changes to be an enhancement for users, but every change you make appears to disrupt privacy settings. Every change you make requires me to check to see if my information is shared more than I feel comfortable sharing . . . And yes, your changes do change the settings previously set by users. I'm not happy about this, Facebook.

I want to be able to choose what I share on Facebook--I don't want to need to opt out by changing my privacy settings. Rather, if I want to share, let me take the time to share by posting on my own. You may think you are making things easier for me, but I'd like to close the door and have a little privacy. If I want to share, let me open the door--I don't need a butler.




Facebook is Scaring Me