Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The side of the road

The Gospodor Monuments
Earlier, I said that I was going to take pictures and blog about the things I see and people I meet as I drive to South Carolina and beyond, but I see things every day as I travel near home. Yesterday, I drove to Gig Harbor to spend time with my kids (and my hair stylist).

For years, my kids and I have pondered the existence of the strange statues on the east side of I-5 near Chehalis. Yesterday, I took a picture of them on my way home. Seattle millionaire Dominic Gospodor erected them commemorating the Holocaust, Christianity, and Native Americans.
"Dominic Gospodor, the eccentric bachelor who spent over $1 million building the Gospodor Monuments, has died at age 86. He never told anyone why he built them, or exactly what he meant to say with their peculiar combination of Mother Teresa, Native Americans, Jesus, Holocaust victims, an eagle, and an enormous weather vane.
Mr. Gospodor reportedly wrote in his will that upon his death a nonprofit organization had to be found to take over ownership of the monuments. But he also reportedly left no money to maintain them, or even to pay for the electricity that lights them at night. The monuments are made of rustproofed steel, however, and should be around for a while (2010)." [credit]
The statues are just there, on the side of the road in a field . . . very strange.

Gig Harbor is beautiful--it was my home for several years.

But of course, the best part of this mini road trip was spending time with my Rachel and Tyler!

Rachel, me, Tyler
Eating mango sticky rice at Thai Hut in Gig Harbor

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