Sunday, May 30, 2010

"We're gonna kick some cancer butt!"

"We're gonna kick some cancer butt!" Becky Post, our team organizer, made this proclamation a couple of weeks ago, and I think it really exemplifies the tone of the team every time we train together.

Yesterday, the team ran together at William Land Park (behind the Sacramento Zoo). We train together twice each week, and follow a training schedule when we are on our own.

As you can see, it was a beautiful morning. We met at 7:30 am--Here I'm standing with my mentor, Julie.

I love training with the team because there is such a positive energy--everyone is here for a purpose.

We have three coaches, Sherri, Tony, and Rich (Sherri and Tony are in the picture to the right). Sherri is the walking coach, Tony and Rich are the running coaches. A couple weeks ago, they provided clinics for us before and after our workout--it's great to have that kind of support.

Yesterday, Rich stressed the importance of taking it slow in the beginning. Tony continually reminds us to focus on form now--you have to go slower now to go faster later. Right now, I'm totally focusing on form when I run.

Today . . . well today I'm going to focus on work (yes, on a Sunday) so I can spend next weekend in San Diego drilling with my new unit (looking forward to meeting everyone!).

Check back for more updates, and please share stories and pictures of your own if you have them.

Traci Hamilton - Raising funds with Team in Training for LLS

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