Sunday, January 09, 2011

One down . . .

I made it through the first week of BOLC--mostly uneventful. Thankfully, I don't have to retake the DLAB (I scored a 136 when I originally I took it). I am the class S6, so I'm busy already. I like being busy, but I'm definitely tired.

As expected, I'm the oldest person in my class, but it isn't awkward. The main difference between myself and the others is evident during PT. Although we are all adjusting to the elevation, I'm struggling more than the others with the run because of my recent bout with pneumonia. I was warned that it takes at least six months to fully recover from pneumonia, and I'm now realizing that this is true. Breathing here is painful for me . . . very painful. This is disappointing because I worked so hard on running, and was feeling strong and good about my run before I became ill.

On Friday, we were issued a stack of reading materials that measures about 15 inches high. Next week, we will begin to work on basic Soldier skills--the things we learned at the Direct Commission Course. We have to pass this phase of the course before moving on to the academic portion.

Right now, I'm focusing on today . . . tomorrow will take care of itself.

Thank you!
Update (7:26 PM): Last Sunday, I went to church alone . . . Today, I friend from class asked to join me, and we ran into another classmate at church . . . Life is good . . . God is good! I'm looking forward to the next four months!

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