Saturday, March 02, 2013

Don't be afraid

"Don't be afraid to see what you see."  Ronald Reagan

If a person can have a theme, this is mine: do not be afraid. Yet, when I look around me, I see fear everywhere. And there are times when I almost succumb . . . almost. At these times, something always happens, a song plays, a homily comes to mind, and I'm back on track--my fear is gone.

"Don't be afraid, but be cautious." Fr. Mike McDermott, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church

Father was describing a hike up Mt. Rainier along a deadly precipice. I'm very passionate, and at times I feel like throwing caution to the wind. These are times when a little fear is healthy, and I'm learning to heed that fear and hold onto caution. After all, falling off a cliff isn't the ending one hopes for while on an adventure. Balancing fear and caution is important, and frankly, I prefer to avoid cliffs.

I've been looking for writing topics, and it's been a struggle. There are so many things I can't say for various reasons--perhaps there is an element of fear that I don't want to admit. I thought about writing about running, health, fitness, etc. But I've done that already. So I'm going to change things up a little; I'm going to write about fear. It will be a challenge, but I thrive on challenges!

What do you fear?

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