Friday, June 18, 2010

When every day is better than the day before

Why can't it be this way for everyone?

Sometimes I feel guilty for being so blessed. Then I realize why I feel so blessed . . . It's because I've been through enough rough times to be able to recognize the good times.

Last night, I had a great evening watching the Celtics play the Lakers. I wasn't happy with the end of the game, but I had a wonderful time watching. After the game, I sat and visited with other Celtics fans while I switched from beer to water because I still had to drive home. When I pulled in to my apartment complex, there were police cars, an ambulance, and taped off areas. I didn't know what had happened until this afternoon.

There had been a domestic violence incident, and one person didn't survive. I learned this from a letter posted on my door when I arrived home after work. Driving home, I felt happy and carefree--looking forward to a glass of wine with a friend. The letter on my door reminded me of reality--a reality that is more common than most people realize. And before you blame it on the area in which I live, google El Dorado Hills, CA. This is a nice area--even for apartment dwellers. Domestic violence doesn't discriminate--it is equal opportunity all the way.

Please, if you notice something isn't right with a couple or family, say something . . . do something. Don't look the other way. You may save someone's life.

And . . . be good to the people you love.

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