Sunday, March 06, 2011

Attack of the allergens!

This plant is trying to kill me. OK, it may not be THIS plant . . . but some plant out here is trying to kill me--I'm sure of it! If you are planning to spend time at Ft. Huachuca, come prepared with allergy medication!


Family Visit

Tyler and my parents came for a visit recently during Tyler's winter break. It was great to take a few days away from the Army and focus on family. It was windy while they were here, but I took them to see the San Pedro River, then we wandered around Tombstone and watched a gun fight.


Leaving Ft. Huachuca

Remember when I had pneumonia? And pushed myself a little farther than necessary while I was ill (Warrior Dash)? Well, I need some time to recover from my previous illness . . . But I've learned my lesson. I will listen to my body moving forward--I realize now that I am not superwoman (shhhhh, don't tell my kids!). Don't worry--I'm OK. But my immune system was compromised, and the elevation and allergens here are taking advantage of the situation!

Darn, I really wanted to be superwoman. At least I'm still Mary Poppins . . .  ; )



What am I doing now that I'm leaving Ft. Huachuca? In December, I finished the contract I was working on in California, so I'm looking for another contract. I'm planning a trip to Washington, D.C. in May--I'd love to live there again! I'm also planning trips to Hawaii and London in the near future . . .  Life is good!


Tyler took this picture of the desert sunset--beautiful!

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