Saturday, April 16, 2011

"May you live in interesting times"

My car - ready for the road trip home.
Not as loaded down this time!
I'm definitely living in interesting times! This phrase is intended to be a curse meaning "may you experience upheaval and trouble in your life." [credit] 

While I wouldn't say there is trouble or upheaval in my life, changes occur every moment. It isn't always easy, but it always works out for the best. I was expecting to head to San Diego to turn in my government computer and say goodbye to the 315th, but the my last battle assembly with them was cancelled due to the expected government shutdown. Instead, I packed and headed back to Washington. It was nice--I gain a lot of perspective during these long road trips, and I stopped in the Sacramento area and visited some friends on my way home.

Now, I'm packing and preparing for another road trip--to South Carolina. At first, although I'm definitely excited to visit friends along the way, I was wishing I had more time to rest before another road trip. Remember, I've been ill and am still recovering. But rest, for me, brings boredom.

So I'm getting excited about this new adventure. Rachel suggested awhile ago that I blog about my "adventures." I haven't written much about these road trips. This time, I'm going to take pictures along the way, and spend some time each day writing about the things I see and people I meet. It really is an adventure!

My life is good--I wouldn't trade places with anyone!

So don't be deceived . . . the true curse is "may you lead a boring and purposeless life."

I can always find the rainbow!


Carrie (ZOOM Cross-Media) said...

May you have safe and exciting travels! :)

tk said...

Thanks Carrie! Hopefully we'll see each other in San Francisco this October!!!!!