Thursday, October 20, 2011

NWM 2011: Reflections

Soaking our tired feet in the Pacific Ocean

1. There is nothing quite like good friends coming together for a common cause.

2. Overcoming a challenge is exhilarating.

3. Cancer sucks. 

4. Bag Balm works better than Vaseline to prevent blisters.

"Julie" for a day! (My race shirt is in Arizona)
5. Cold saltwater feels wonderful on blistered feet.

6. It is unwise to run in new shoes (even if they are Mizunos).

7. Check the hotel room one more time before leaving (or don't forget a bottle of good wine in the hotel room).

8. Good friends + Irish pub (The Chieftain in San Francisco) = Win!

9. Don't park in a bad neighborhood (especially in a large city).

10. Remember to train before the next race. Really.

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