Friday, November 11, 2011

Because freedom isn't free . . .

This is the flag flying by the San Pedro River
 in Arizona (near Ft. Huachuca)

Happy Veterans Day--and THANK YOU to all who have served and all who still serve! Remember, freedom isn't free.

Today was sunny, but chilly (and windy!). I went for my run by the water this morning, and most runners (including me) wore long sleeves, ear covering, etc. One brave woman was running in a sports bra and short running shorts--brrrrrrr! It was 47 degrees this morning (42 with wind chill factor).

These are the views I see when I run:

This view of the Tampa skyline makes me miss Seattle.
There is no better place than Seattle in the Summer . . .

This is a nice run--made me think of my runs along the
Columbia River on the Washington side. 
Life is good--cheers!

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