Sunday, October 10, 2010

Race Week

Nike is a week away, and my mind is playing games with me.

We've been training for this since April--I'm worried that I'll injure myself and not be able to run. I seem to be noticing every little thing now . . .

My left ankle has been hurting me since our Saturday workout the week before Urban Cow. I had it looked at yesterday--it's the tendon. The doctor said it's a common over-training injury, but I'm OK to run on it. He recommended ice, anti-inflammatory medication, etc. The patch you see on the photo of my ankle is a Flector Patch (anti-inflammatory)--I can't take the pills. Oh, he also asked me if I've been running hills . . . lol!

So now I'm feeling both nervous and excited. I also found a good article from another race on how to make race week less stressful: Rock 'n' Roll Race Week Survival tips--use these five simple strategies to make your race week less nerve-racking.

(Speaking of the Rock 'n' Roll marathons, I registered for the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Half Marathon in June!)

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